Machine Learning Specialist – Luxembourg


WESTPOLE offers a number of outsourcing contracts, depending on the nature of the work that needs to be done.. We have access to a range of skills and experience levels, from junior to very senior. Our consultants include analysts, programmers, developers, project managers, technical writers, training specialists and user support agents. We demand talent, enthusiasm and flexibility from all our consultants, but also take great care to match their specific skills with our clients’ requirements.

Working with WESTPOLE means working with the European Commission in Brussels or Luxembourg. We work directly with Commission staff, using the latest technologies.

With more than 30 Directorate Generals (DG): Competition, Education & Culture, Agriculture, Research, Enterprise, Transport, Energy…you’ll join a number of exciting projects in various domains where you will learn how this fascinating world works. Moreover, you’ll be part of an international environment which will benefit your future career.


Luxembourg – International Organisations


  • Application of advanced data analysis and machine learning techniques, including “deep learning” based on neural models, to MT-related tasks, including, but not limited to domain adaptation;
  • Acquisition and management of data sources that are helpful to improve MT performance and quality, such as parallel, comparable, and monolingual corpora (including data crawled from the Web or artificial parallel corpora via back-translation);
  • Acquisition and management of data sources for building improved pre- and post-processing tools (e.g. morphological and syntactic analysis, re-ordering, re-scoring, quality estimation);
  • Consulting the development team on integrating these additional data sources into a working MT solution on a software level;
  • Consulting on MT quality improvements; assessing the impact of changes to the MT engines on MT quality and other performance criteria;
  • Participation in functional working groups and progress meetings;
  • Participation in scientific conferences and workshops related to Machine Translation and underlying technologies;
  • Contribution to and analysis of implementations made to cover specific needs of customers, for example through the creation of domain-specific MT engines or specific algorithms;
  • Analysis of benefits and risks of such changes concerning the overall quality of the eTranslation service


(Essential) On-site work is required. No remote options available.

  • An advanced university degree in data-driven computational linguistics, machine learning, data mining, or statistical data modelling, including familiarity with data-driven techniques for natural language processing, such as statistical / neural MT, or equivalent experience;
  • A minimum of 7 yearsof professional experience in the area of naturallanguage processing (NLP)orMachine Learning (ML);
  • In-depth knowledge of setting up and evaluatingMT software, including testing methodologies and tools, such as automatic quality metrics (BLEU scores and similar) and human evaluation of MT quality;
  • Good knowledge of natural language processing systems lifecycle and agile software development methodologies;
  • Strong capacity in preparing and writing studies, documenting project results, and giving high level presentations;
  • Knowledge of and ability to apply MT-specific quality standards;
  • Capability of working in an multicultural environment and ability to communicate efficiently in multilingual meetings.
  • Degree in a relevant field is more than welcome, but not a must if it can be compensated by number of years of working experience.


Aleksandar (Aleks) Vasev
+353 1 254 9727
[email protected]

Our values

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