Enterprise architecture services – Brussels


We are looking for an Enterprise Architect to join one of our projects at the European Commission


Belgium – International Organisations


Scope of the services to be provided

The ISD sector in Unit B2 is requesting enterprise architecture services to:

• Support from a technical perspective the related activities of the various projects of DGTAXUD IT with a main focus on the area of high level design, IT systems interoperabilityand systems’ reuse;

• Participate to strategic IT governance supporting TAXUD’s interoperability strategy;

• Oversee the contractors that design the projects according to the DG TAXUD architecture;ensure the overall consistency of IT architecture within DG TAXUD and follow its designto guarantee that it fulfils a set of requirements, in particular non-functional requirements;

• Supervise the operational processes (related to architecture management) and contributeeffectively with the consultant´s competence, experience and skills to ensure timely andexcellent delivery of IT architecture services to DG TAXUD IT systems.

More specifically, the service requires to:

• Participate to the evolution of DG TAXUD’s IT Systems:

• Propose systems, components and/or services architecture, COTS software products andstandards on the basis of the requirements exposed in ISD’s workplan or expressed by thesystem owners and/or project managers;

• Participate to the drafting or review of proposals for IT architecture governance andorganisational evolution, aiming at improving the service delivery and to streamlinetechnical activities;

• Participate to the review, investigate and recommend IT solutions (including cost/benefitanalyses, assessment of implementation’s duration); contributes/evaluates technicalsolutions proposed by DG TAXUD contractors;

• Support projects by contributing to the design of the systems, their services andcomponents, encouraging re-use and ensuring that the system design fulfils therequirements, in particular IT technical requirements (volume, scalability, confidentiality,integrity, availability, business continuity and disaster recovery planning);

• Support the continuity of the DG TAXUD IT operations by supervising the integration ofIT systems and by ensuring their interoperability. Understand, apply and suggestimprovements of TAXUD methodology, security policies, tools, best practices, etc.

Supervises the analysis of complex technical problems;

• Follow up projects to ensure that the systems, components and/or services’ implementationstick to the approved architecture and/or design;

• Supervise TAXUD contractors and other Commission services for release and changemanagement related tasks/activities;

• Identify and anticipates design flaws not overseen by the development or operationalteams;

• Produce and/or review documents; follow-up document revision with an eye on systemsand applications architecture;

• Provide suggestions for service or methodology improvements; escalate issues, inparticular the ones with potential impacts on interoperability;

• Participate and contribute in meetings with DG TAXUD, contractors, Member Statesand/or other partners.

In order to deliver the service to the expected standards, the consultant should have specialisedexperience in DevOps toolchain (automation, continuous delivery/continuous integration) withcomplex distributed systems.


Experience and capability required

? Recent practical experience in IT systems architecture and design, the number of years

depending on the intended level, which cannot be novice or junior;

? Capability for specification of components, data and services;

? Capability for specification of service interfaces, service data and reference models;

? Good knowledge of interoperability technology (e.g. web services, message oriented

middleware, service oriented bus);

? Good knowledge of service implementation patterns (synchronous, asynchronous,

request/response, etc.), distributed system design and messaging layer;

? Experience in architecture modelling (experience in architecture modelling tools would be an


? Deep technical knowledge of IT technology;

? Very strong capability for analysis, comparison and summary;

? Strong capability for writing and presentation of clear documents;

? Ability to work autonomously is mandatory;

? Experience in international/multicultural environment and public administration are assets.


David Buyse


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