Cloud and data centre infrastructure support Service provider –


You will support the Eurostat statistical production by coordinating IT infrastructure and architecture services, both in the data centre and in the cloud.

Together with the Hosting and Cloud Services team, you bring expertise in the area of hosting as a requirement for operative follow up, assistance and guidance to the service providers in Eurostat.


Interested but don’t know what to expect exactly? Below, we have listed the main tasks.

1. Analysis of the hosting requirements of the Eurostat information systems:

– Confidential

– Connected (web services, connections to other IT components, etc.)

– Resource needs (CPU, RAM, etc.)

– Technological requirements (e.g. SAS 9.4, Coldfusion 11, etc.)

– Database and storage requirements.

– Analysis of the existing documentation of the IS.

2. Manage change requests and change control procedures:

– By analysing the impact on cost, resources, time and quality.

– Ensure that deliverables are provided within the agreed criteria.

– Proactively detect scheduling issues and propose mitigation actions.

– Monitor and control efficient change request implementation.

– Draft issue logs, risk logs and change logs.

– Manage the critical periods calendar to proactively avoid negative impact on

production activities.

3. Contribute to implementation and design of the monitoring of the Eurostat infrastructure resources:

– Evaluate if the agreed service levels were provided.

– Evaluate if the environment has been managed and used in a secure way

4. Meetings and Reporting:

– Organisation and participating in meetings. Also with di

– Organisation of progress meetings with the different stakeholders involved.

– Preparation of work plans.

– Production of intermediate and final weekly reports as well as minutes of all meetings.

5. Cloud operational support:

– Maintenance of cloud services

– Operational support for cloud services

6. Implementation of infrastructure as code:

– Setting up and maintaining the required tools for IaC.

– Creating and documenting IaC working procedures and processes.

– Development of infrastructure code.

– Testing infrastructure code and developing automated tests.

– Translating project-specific needs into a cloud structure in terms of resource usage and scalability.

– Documentation of all the developments

7. Cloud architecture:

– Designing the cloud environment from a holistic point of view.

– Carrying out deployment, maintenance, monitoring, and management tasks.

– Overseeing cloud security.

– Completing the integration of new applications into the cloud environment.

– Offering training and guidance to all who get in contact with cloud structure.

– Space usage in the cloud and making sure the structure is operating at full efficiency.

– Conducting migration to bring tools and other elements into the cloud.

– Documentation of all the developments.

As a Cloud and Data centre infrastructure support service provider, you will:

– Analyze the hosting requirements of the Eurostat information systems.

– Request for a change process (incl. planning, execution).

– Develop the hosting model further in the secure and standard environments.

– Liaise with, advise and guide the stakeholders.

– Support the evolution of the requested resources.

– Support the progress of the hosting rationalization activities.

– Ensure that service requests are properly processed and followed up.

– Monitor the agreed Service Levels reached by hosting providers and follow up with the related services.

– Advise and support the system owners and suppliers in Eurostat with expertise in hosting in the cloud and in the data centre.

– Provide technical expertise required by the team in diverse areas (hosting, housing, cloud, infrastructure, workplace services).


Interested in our job as Cloud and Data centre support provider? Keep on reading to find out our requirements. Our ideal candidate:

– Is a technology expert Level 3.

– Has 2 years of cloud services operation (preferably AWS).

– Has relevant experience in Cloud architecture and security and/or code infrastructure.

– Has experience with migrating IT systems from classic data centre to the cloud, hosting services.

– Has knowledge of CMBD tools.

– Is fluent in English (oral and written expression).

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